Mind Body Spirit Daily Habit Tracker


For those that need more guidance and accountability on their daily journaling.

Throughout the day, focus on all areas of your self - mind, body and spirit with our compartmentalized 3 in 1 habit tracker journal.

Use this journal for "checking-in" with yourself. You will find prompts and charts under each category.


Morning: Thoughts For The Day, Affirmation For The Day

Nighttime Reflections: What Was Heavy On Your Mind Today? Rate Your Stress/Anxiety, Rate Your Emotions


Throughout The Day: Today I Ate (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Water Tracker, Vitamin Tracker

Nighttime Reflections: What Were You Aware Of About Your Body? Rate Your Energy Level, Rate Your Activity Level


Throughout The Day: Mindful Minute Activities, Today I am Grateful For...

Nighttime Reflections: What Did You Learn/Notice About Yourself, I am...

40 Days/Pages.

3.5" x 8.5" Size.

Legal imprint