• How to Start an Ancestor Altar

    If there’s one thing that most cultures share, it’s the honoring of ancestors. As a practice, some people even tend to do it without the slightest questioning. Ancestor altars have become a pillar through which individuals can connect with their lineage and show gratitude and respect for the ones that came before them.
  • How Spirituality Can Improve Your Mental Health

    Since we live in a world that feels like it’s getting faster by the minute, many of us are looking for ways to keep our mental well-being in check. Naturally, everyone has their preferred practice – most people opt for therapy or other self-care methods, including medication. However, often disregarded, there is an avenue that sounds highly promising and can provide exceptional results for your mental health – spirituality.
  • Spirituality - The Fundamentals

    Spirituality is a broad term, having varying meanings for different people. For some, it is all about belief in God and religious practices. For others, it is about non-religious experiences that help them connect with their spiritual selves through meditation, yoga, and prayers.
  • How To Start A Journal

    Let's channel some of those feelings of excitement through our tired, adult eyes and explore how to start a journal.
  • Acting From A Place Of Love vs. Fear

    Every day we have a choice to act, think, and speak from a place of love vs. a place of fear. We subconsciously make that decision without even knowing it. It’s an automatic response until we learn that we can actively choose, and then it becomes a conscious act. By heightening our state of awareness and understanding, we can move our perception back and forth between the two emotions at will.
  • What Is Palo Santo? Benefits and Use of Palo Santo

    If you’re a modern hippy asking yourself, “What is palo santo used for?” then get excited. We’re about to answer all your questions about palo santo wood, using palo santo for cleansing, and the benefits of combining it with sage. Good vibes and healing energy are coming your way.
  • The Power of Gratitude & Why It’s Important

    Gratitude is the ultimate power move. Feeling grateful opens the door to our wildest potential, sprinkling magic on everything we experience. What even is gratitude anyway, and why does it matter? Why is gratitude so important?
  • Key Manifestation Tips to Get What You Desire

    Have you ever wanted something so bad but were unsure how to get it? Most of us have, so you are not alone. The law of attraction tells us that what we put out into the world is what we attract.
  • Knowing When To Say Yes And No

    Have you ever been asked a question you weren't prepared to answer? At some point or another, we all have. These questions catch us off guard, and we tend to feel pressured to answer them quickly, or even answer them how we think the other person wants us to respond.
  • How To Use Your Manifestation Journal

    You finally made that investment in yourself and purchased a Petite Petitions Manifestation Journal- yay you! Now the question is, “How do I use a manifestation journal?”

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